First Step to Launching your Legal Career

Reported by Y.A Tan

On 13th October 2012, Eddie Law, the founder of eLawyer, shared with 10 participants the tips on making the right choice of legal career. The attendees consists of fresh lawyers, law graduates and working adults, all with  

Eddie started the session by providing an insight on legal career market, the various types of law firms and corporations, career options, either private or non private practice as well as the variable working culture to be expected.


Eddie also shed some lights into the dos and don’ts during an interview sessions. Amongst others, some of the most common mistakes seen in an applicant are raising salary issues too early, dress inappropriately and inadequate understanding on the company one is applying for.

One of the highlight of the day was that participants were invited to fill up questionnaires to profile oneself. Speaking from his experience, Eddie viewed that profiling do ease the job seekers to narrow down the legal career choice. In general, there are 4 types of profiles, namely Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Eddie unveils the result on the test in detailed fashion. Briefly, if you are:-

a) High D – tend to be result-focused, ambitious, assertive but could be controlling, or dominating others.

b) High I- tend to be enthusiastic, friendly, thoughtful, persuasive but could be emotional, boisterous or sarcastic.

c) High S –a person who is attentive, calm, consistent, at the same time of a shy, passive and adverse to changes.

d) High C –people who are analytical, self reliant, but may be perceived as pessimistic and overly worried.

Having such assessment, the participants had clearer understanding on its personality traits which serve as useful tool to identify the right career path. The session continued with a fruitful Q & A sessions from the floor, and was dismissed at 4.30pm. 

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