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Legal Assistant / Associate
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- advise on corporate banking related works
eLawyer Legal Search
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Handles general litigation cases
Involves in business development and increasing litigation clients base.

Syed Alwi, Ng & Co
Legal Assistant / Associate
- To handle Corporate Banking, loan documents and conveyancing matters (including sub-sales, joint venture agreements, etc)

eLawyer Legal Search
In House
Selangor, MALAYSIA
- Draft and review agreements/contracts.
- Provide legal advisory to internal stakeholders.
- Collaborate with external legal counsels and professional advisers.
- Attend to ad-hoc duties as and when assigned from time to time.
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In House
CTC - Corporate Trade Compliance

- Ensure Management's commitment and awareness throughout the company

- Provide the frame for a trade compliance program (Corporate Policies, Organization, Resources, Training, Processes, Systems)

- Audit and continuous assessment (also with IA - Internal Audit)

- Decision on irregularities reported by the LTC (incl. voluntary self-disclosures)

- Delegation of tasks and authorities

- Reports to Executive Management

RTC - Regional Trade Compliance

- Understand trade content and regulations in the Region and act as legal advisor in the region

- Liaise, in coordination with Regional/Country Management and the Global Trade Compliance team, with local authorities in trade compliance matters

- Disseminate changes in regional regulations to the Global Trade Compliance Team as well as to the local management and logistics teams

- Escalate Irregularities to Corporate Trade Compliance (CTC)

- Work with Logistics Trade Compliance (LTC) and the local teams to ensure that procedures and processes comply with local trade regulations as well as with Vishay's Global Trade Compliance Program

- Schedule and perform audits in locations in the region LTC - Logistics Trade Compliance

- Execute the Global Trade Compliance Program of the company

- Access to and understanding of trade content/regulations

- Train Compliance Team members

- Execution of regular internal process reviews

- Escalate irregularities to Corporate Trade Compliance (CTC)

- Dissemination of regulatory trade updates

- Audit and continuous assessment

- Report to CTC - Corporate Trade Compliance

- Definition and execution of processes, systems, work instructions

- Requirements Determination Process for Exports - involving Restricted Party Screening, Embargos, EAR, ECCN/Dual Use, ITAR/Military, Block/Unblock Orders pending clarification of requirements/obtaining licenses

- Documentation and Record-Keeping

LEGAL ENTITIES/SUBSIDIARIES - Nominated Compliance Contacts

- Local Management (General Manager) is legally responsible to comply with Customs/Trade Compliance Laws and Regulations

- Ensure Local team is aware and committed to the established corporate/global policies and procedures

- Enable/support local training as identified by CTC and/or LTC

- Control of Technical data as it relates to ITAR (US)

- Enforce established policies as it relates to foreign national visitation (US)

- Active participant in Trade Audits/Internal Process reviews

- Import/Export record keeping as it relates to trade data (Invoices, BOL, AWB's, AES data, etc)

- Consult with LTC (or CTC and LTC) concerning critical trade compliance matters

- Reports to/works with LTC and local Entity Management for trade compliance matters

BUSINESS DIVISIONS - Nominated Compliance Contacts

- Technical Assistance on Classification of Goods

- Responsible for the correct classification of Trade data (HTS, ECCN/Dual Use, ITAR, Military, Origin) for Finished Goods, Raw Material and other physical goods as well as technology, software/data and technical assistance

- Country of origin update notification

- Active participant in Trade Audits as it relates to Material Master Data, Trade data;

- Control of Technical data as it relates to ITAR (US)

- Reports to/works with LTC and Division Management for Trade Compliance matters
eLawyer Legal Search
In House
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- Provide support to the head of legal on large and/or complex projects including corporate and/or funding projects.
- To draft, vet and negotiate corporate and commercial agreements
- To advise and handle M&A, corporate exercises matters
eLawyer Legal Search
In House
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- Legal support to various business divisions within the group to facilitate operations.

- Draft, review and negotiate commercial contracts including with vendors, customers, dealers, business partners and other telecommunications providers.

- Draft and negotiate commercial contracts for the sale and procurement of goods and services in particular procurement of network equipment, IT related systems, platforms, associated services and software.

- Legal research.

- Able to balance legal issues against commercial requirements in the performance of assigned duties and tasks.

- Advice must be practical while ensuring our client' interests are protected and compliance with law observed.
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Company Secretary
Selangor, MALAYSIA
- To provide full spectrum of corporate secretarial advice and support
- To liaise with Legal Manager as requested key legal developments in the region
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Support Staff
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
To provide administrative and secretarial support to the Partners and to his team of lawyers.
To schedule and write simple minutes of meeting.
To arrange for flights, accommodation for travelling.
To attend to other task as and when assigned.
eLawyer Legal Search
Support Staff
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
To assist Partners and Lawyers in foreclosure proceeding.