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Legal Assistant / Associate
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- Able to run selected dispute matters independently.
- Able to conduct full trials and contested hearings independently.
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Legal Assistant / Associate
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
To assist in all corporate matters.
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Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- provide legal service and advice to clients in relation to corporate banking related matters
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Legal Assistant / Associate
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
To head the conveyancing department.
To handle all matters related to conveyancing, e.g. sub-sales SPA, and tenancy agreement.
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In House
Selangor, MALAYSIA
- provide legal support for Commercial Finance Team, Sales and Marketing Departments.
- formulate appropriate legal policies to provide a clear, consistent and effective approach to common legal issues encountered by the commercial team .
- ensure appropriate steps are taken to mitigate the compliance risks and the risks to legal actions.
- accurate and timely advice provided to the Company.
- clear compliance framework, legal systems, programs and policies are established.
- legal risks to the Company is at all times mitigated, reduced, or avoided and any unfavourable outcomes averted.
- company's trademarks / copyrights / royalties are not violated or infringed.
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In House
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- Scope and plan specific client-facing projects

- Liaise with the client, the Firm's client matter team as well as the Firm's specialist departments and offices worldwide

- Support the Principal/ Lead Associate in defining matter scope, track and manage changes

- Prepare project plans and Gantt charts to support the client matter team.

- Report on status, track issues and monitor financial performance providing updates to client teams and internal teams

- Monitor costs and fees on an ongoing basis

- Support the post-matter review process for key matters and research practice area processes through discussions with fee earners and identify areas of improvement

- Identify and propose to Associate Directors of LPM (including Service Delivery) any future needs and improvements to the LPM framework

- Work with the Global Director of Legal Operations and Director of LPM to define, enhance and integrate a single set of project management standards, processes, methodologies and tools to improve the efficiency
of LPM

- Roll out improvements and solutions through specific attorney coaching and training sessions
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Company Secretary
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- managing and lead a team of qualified company secretaries
- handle and support day to day company secretarial functions
- ensure clients' compliance with relevant statutes and guidelines relating to company secretarial matters
- handle a portfolio of international clients in advising their needs and enquiries in accordance to applicable statutes and guidelines
- corresponding with relevant Malaysian authorities as and when required
- preparation of all company secretarial related documentations
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Legal Assistant / Associate
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
To assist in all matters related to litigation.
Central Bank of Malaysia | Bank Negara Malaysia
In House
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
- To provide and manage legal services to ensure that Jabatan Digital dan Teknologi (JDT) is apprised of the attendant legal risks, including review of all contracts that obtain the most favourable terms for the Bank and minimise the Bank exposure to risk in adherence to the Bank legal policy and procurement standards

- Review, develop and implement new classes of contracts and relevant policy to support innovation in IT functions, with priority areas such as innovation lab, centralised development environment, industry open API, cloud usage, and the heightened engagement of global cyber security experts for on-going surveillance.
- Manage the creation and on-going maintenance and review of all contracts that fully describe the engagement, services and delivery from vendors that obtain the most favourable terms for the Bank and minimise the Bank exposure to risk in adherence to the Bank legal policy and procurement standards.
- Negotiate favourable terms, volume discounts and long-term contracts with suppliers and key external parties for the procurement of goods, services and supplies to ensure adequacy of cover and legal advice, to optimise the operational and capital expenditure of the Bank, including balancing the cost-risk allocation between the Bank and vendor.
- Manage the development and implementation of the standards for IT contracts, including terms, condition and provisions of contract, payment terms, vendor obligations to safeguard the Bank interests and mitigate operational, security and legal risks with a long-term view to mature and streamline IT contract administration.
- Manage the development, implementation and on-going improvement of contract processes and system, which may require a comprehensive review of the Bank legal policy, to ensure integrity of contracts, the processes and to achieve speed to market
Review contractual performance of both parties to ensure compliance with terms and to identify conflicts or changes requiring resolution at contract renewal.
- Act as the single point of contact in providing legal services for various contracts in JDT.
- Act as an agent for the approval process of the contract for contract initiation as well as any variation order.
- Administer the documentation, record keeping, and management of dashboard update for reporting to Management on IT legal risks.

- Excellent verbal and written skills, and ability to convey contract terms as key risk control in a way that internal clients can appreciate.
- Discipline in maintaining deadlines and communicate on on-going basis with legal department, procurement management and vendors
- Good knowledge of regulations and law of Malaysia and the US, EU, intellectual property rights, data confidentiality and privacy.
- Experience in applying organisational standards when developing contract management process.
- Ability to work well with leaders from different community of practices to drive efficiency in contract management process.
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Support Staff
To assist lawyers in all matters related to conveyancing.